Virtual Book Tour (VBT) – Day 1

Awoke early this morning—around 4 a.m. Felt a little like Christmas; a little like the night before the final exam. When I clicked on the link…there it was. Me, Star, and Death on Clare Island. Laid bare for all to see. It’s going to be an interesting few weeks. Day 1:

The Date is Set

The book publishing action item list is unfolding. I’m tremendously grateful to Wil, my editor, for all the nitty, gritty, detail-oriented work he’s doing. Have you ever heard of organic tagging in Microsoft Word? Well, neither have I.

There’s still purchasing ISBNs and the final, final review of the formal document to get done. And I’ll complete a preview read of the book when it’s uploaded to Kindle format.

Have I mentioned how much coffee I’m drinking lately? Our puppy, Turlough, wants to know when I’m taking a break. He’s been providing distractions like chewing on one of my throw pillows or eating the corner of one of my hard cover books.

That all said, Death on Clare Island is set to launch on Monday, November 19. I can’t wait to hear from readers about what they think of Star O’Brien.