Turlough – The Schipperke Character

Turlough, my schipperke, is quite a character. And, he will feature as a series character in one of my upcoming County Mayo Mysteries. The schipperke breed can best be described as a small dog who believes he inhabits the body of a King German shepherd. As a result, schipperkes exhibit a guard dog personality: protective,Continue reading “Turlough – The Schipperke Character”

Death at Turlough Museum #1

Death at the Turlough Museum reached a milestone. I owe a major thank you to the faithful fans and followers of the Star O’Brien County Mayo mystery series. Book three in the series launched on January 25 in paperback and eformat. I never in a million years expected the paperback version of Death at theContinue reading “Death at Turlough Museum #1”

Star O’Brien County Mayo Mystery Returns

Star O’Brien’s County Mayo mystery series is back. This third Star O’Brien, cozy murder mystery finds the amateur sleuth in historic Turlough village. But, the body of a local pub owner has been found draped in an exhibit at the Turlough Museum. And Star’s Aunt Georgina is under the suspicion. Never one to trust theContinue reading “Star O’Brien County Mayo Mystery Returns”

This is how the Star O’Brien Series Popped

On a blue-skied morning in County Mayo, Ireland, a rainbow appeared over Nephin Mountain in the eastern sky. That summer day teemed with green landscapes, light breezes, and brilliant sunlight. My cousin, looked out the window, and said, “This is the perfect day for hanging laundry outside.” My sentiments exactly! Not regarding the laundry butContinue reading “This is how the Star O’Brien Series Popped”