What is it about Ireland?

What is it about Ireland that you love? The landscape, the history, the thin places, the Atlantic views? These are all things to love about Ireland.. but what I love most are the people. I fell in love when I was four years old with my County Mayo aunts and uncles. I often think aboutContinue reading “What is it about Ireland?”

A Spud Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. You may be thinking of making corned beef and cabbage. But have you considered your potato side dish? Well, look no more because I have a “champ” for you to make. Yes, that’s right there’s a potato dish called “champ”. It is also called “poundies” (I wonderContinue reading “A Spud Recipe for St. Patrick’s Day”

Daffodils Again, Please

My kind neighbor arrived at my home a few days ago with a daffodil plant. All in an effort to make me smile. Here’s a picture of the cheery and elegant gift. A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of daffodils (taken a few years ago) in Cafe Rua’s window. The daffodils are myContinue reading “Daffodils Again, Please”

Up Turlough!

Excited to report that my Schipperke, Turlough, won two agility ribbons today – he qualified and took First Place in the Novice Standard class. When I’m not writing or taking care of family, Turlough and I have been training one day a week for the last two years. Turlough, by the way, is named forContinue reading “Up Turlough!”