Happy Saint Patrick’s Day – And the What Abouts?

This is the week! When everyone who has a hint or trace of Irish ancestry dons something green. But did you know Irish history indicates that there was more than one Saint Patrick. What? No, no, no. I was shocked and disappointed when one of my Irish uncles told me there was probably more thanContinue reading “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day – And the What Abouts?”

The Month’s Mind

The “month’s mind” is a tradition still practiced in Ireland. Basically, when a loved one has passed, a requiem Mass is celebrated one month after the passing. And, the family usually gathers together after the Mass for tea and words of remembrance for the loved one. I, for one, love this idea of family comingContinue reading “The Month’s Mind”

Did St. Valentine Have Irish Roots?

St. Valentine may not have had Irish roots but nowadays his remains are rooted in Dublin, Ireland. Yes, that’s correct. In the 1800s an Irish Carmelite priest requested Valentine’s remains to be exhumed and moved to Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland. And, the pope agreed. So….it’s official. Valentine, the heart of hearts, hasContinue reading “Did St. Valentine Have Irish Roots?”