What is your favorite mystery podcast?

Reading is still my number one favorite pastime. But when I’m on a long walk or in a doctor’s office waiting room, I love to put in my earplugs and listen to an interview of a mystery author. I recently discovered a search engine for podcasts that you might not know about: https://www.listennotes.com. This isContinue reading “What is your favorite mystery podcast?”

It’s @me today

Readers often ask: is there anything or anyone in your books that is taken from real life? Well, yeah: I was a private pilot. Yes, that’s correct. Bill and I owned a Cessna 172 in which I earned my private pilot’s license. The year I did that, I set a goal of landing at everyContinue reading “It’s @me today”

What’s your favorite first line?

I’m excited! Hank Philippi Ryan, bestselling and award-winning author, is the guest speaker at my Sisters in Crime chapter (Citrus Crime Writers) meeting this afternoon. (Don’t worry, we aren’t meeting in person; we’re all on zoom). Ryan’s speaking topic is compelling first lines! And, she will provide feedback to those of us who are braveContinue reading “What’s your favorite first line?”

Support Independent Bookstores

Indie authors (like me) and independent bookstores have at least one thing in common: we need community and local support. The independent bookstores need our support now, in the time of pandemic, more than ever. Recently two online retailers have popped up in support of both indie authors and independent books stores. In the US,Continue reading “Support Independent Bookstores”