Crow and the Origami Butterfly

When the universe sends you a barista named Crow and a yellow butterfly. This is the story behind the beautiful yellow Origami butterfly pictured below. Yesterday, I was tired, sad, and on my way to visit my mom (who is in rehab due to a broken hip). It’s been a tough time for her. JustContinue reading “Crow and the Origami Butterfly”

Irish Roots – Pulling Away From Home

For me, my Irish roots and pulling away from home have always been both a source of joy and sadness. When I’ve gone on work trips or vacations, there has been a certain sweet sadness as I sat in the back of an airport limo and looked back at my home, knowing that I wasContinue reading “Irish Roots – Pulling Away From Home”

What is your favorite mystery podcast?

Reading is still my number one favorite pastime. But when I’m on a long walk or in a doctor’s office waiting room, I love to put in my earplugs and listen to an interview of a mystery author. I recently discovered a search engine for podcasts that you might not know about: This isContinue reading “What is your favorite mystery podcast?”