Clare Island Map

I’ve got this thing about maps. I don’t know where it started. Maybe it began when I attended boarding school at St. Joseph’s Convent of Mercy in Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland. Geography was part of the curriculum. We spent a lot of time on topography, learning how to read contour lines, elevations, and sea level. On an exam, you’d have to find items and interpret a topological map.

Maps or charts as they are called in aviation, were an important part of obtaining my private pilot’s license. Before a trip, a pilot uses a compass to plot a course on an up to date chart. The chart has all kinds of information such as landmarks to look for from the sky, elevations, radio frequencies, power lines, etc. This was an exciting part of flying-getting out the chart, the pencil, and the compass to plot the course.

Whenever I go somewhere new, I look for a map. Walking maps, hiking maps, any guide that tells me more about the area, gives me the lay of the land. I love to explore and try out hikes and walks that put me into nature, especially in Ireland.

So, I’m happy to share with readers who sign up for my newsletter a map of Clare Island. The island in Death on Clare Island is real. Now you can use the map to follow along with Star as she solves the mysteries of her life.

I hope you enjoy the book and the walk through Clare Island.

We Are Back

Bill, Turlough, and I returned from our eleven-day trek to New Jersey last week. It’s been about a year and a half since we sold our home in NJ and moved to Florida. I was hesitant to take the trip because we were bringing our fifteen-month puppy Turlough with us. And, as I’ve posted about before, Bill is no longer able to drive. Most of all, I didn’t think I’d be able to handle my emotions; I miss NJ so much. But in the end, I rented a mini-van, we packed up, and set out.

And, I’m glad we did. The first stop on the trip was a few days stay with my Mom in South Jersey. From there, we drove north to our old neighborhood and visited with friends. I got to sit in on the Mahwah writing collective group meeting and visit my former town library. We even stopped at our former vet’s office to show off our Schipperke.

We spent a wonderful day in Blairstown, NJ. We had lunch at the Blairstown Airport Runway Café. Bill and I used to fly our Cessna 172 there for years. We met up with Christine Beegle and Wickliffe Kishpaugh Mott. These two folks lead the Blairstown NJ Historic Preservation Committee. They helped us transition many of Bill’s family artifacts to Blairstown when we moved.

From there we went to Kutztown Pennsylvania. I had coffee and a happy visit with three people that I cherish: Leslie, Stacey, and Danielle.

Then it was on to the Colonial Schipperke Club picnic in Arlington, Virginia. There might have been thirty Schipperkes there. Turlough had a great time. How do I know? Like any kid who overindulged a party, he threw up his carrot in the car later that day.

Finally, it was back home here to Florida. I’m grateful to be home and that we were fortunate enough to take this trip.

Now, it’s back to work making edits to Death at Ashford Castle.

Virtual Book Tour (VBT)– Day 5

Week two of the VBT for Death on Clare Island kicked off this morning. Sheila’s Guests and Reviews ( features one of my blog posts. I love that Sheila posted a picture of my puppy, (about fourteen months old now), named Turlough. Turlough is an Irish name (usually chosen for boys) that means “to be supportive”. I have a noble intention for Turlough—to be a therapy dog at several of our local nursing homes. He’s currently training to meet the requirements for the therapy dog designation.

Turlough is also a place in County Mayo, Ireland. Many of my ancestors originated in Turlough village. In fact, my mother was born there. The village is an adorable and historic setting, not far from Castlebar and just off the N5 on the road to Dublin. Book 3 in my Star O’Brien series will feature Turlough village.

For now, I hope you enjoy my book tour. Follow along here at my web site or on Facebook: @marthageaneyauthor. And thank you Sheila!

Virtual Book Tour – Day 4

I’m grateful to blogger, Margaret Tidwell, for her review of Death on Clare Island. Margaret’s web site ( chronicles her life with multiple sclerosis. When you have a few minutes, check out her story.

This is it for week 1. Thank goodness. I’ve had enough of me for a few days. The tour starts up again next week.

Virtual Book Tour (VBT) – Day 3

Here I am at day 3 and the surprises keep coming. First there was Switzerland. When I checked my web pages this morning, there was Brazil and the United Kingdom. I didn’t know what to expect when I agreed to the book tour other than it’s a great way to share our love of stories. And, of course, the people (characters) we come to love in those stories.

And many thanks to Tracey (@tfaulc) for featuring my book yesterday. She loves, among other things, books, lattes, and Disney. You might want to visit her Instagram page.