A Little Failure mixed with a Big Success

I didn’t post last weekend and this post is not directly related to my writing life but here goes. I hope you like the short video of what I was doing on Saturday. Most of you know that I have a schipperke puppy named Turlough. For the last year, Turlough and I have been learningContinue reading “A Little Failure mixed with a Big Success”

2020 Here We Are

Welcome back to everyone who may have been away during the holidays or who may have just taken a break from social media. I trust your holiday was just right for you. Low-key is a good adjective to describe mine. We went to the movies, church, socialized with friends, and spoke to family on theContinue reading “2020 Here We Are”

Be There

If you happen to be reading my blog post, I have a request: shut down your computer or phone and just “be there”. Be there for you. In my mystery series, Star O’Brien often says she becomes involved in the “heart of a mystery”. In the middle of all the hectic and sometimes not soContinue reading “Be There”

I’ve got homework; maybe you can help.

I am taking an eight week online writing course: Outlining Your Novel. The course began this week. I’m already an outliner. I use a dedicated spiral bound notebook to outline each book before I begin writing. I write out the purpose/theme; character descriptions and motivations; setting descriptions; and so on. I want to be aContinue reading “I’ve got homework; maybe you can help.”

Sometimes life is like a puppy’s dilemma.

Sometimes life is like a puppy’s dilemma. I use that phrase with a touch of humor this week. A lot happened. My good friend and author, Nick Johns agreed to read and provide feedback for Death at Ashford Castle. This is the second time Nick will spin through all 70, 000 words. He’s detail orientedContinue reading “Sometimes life is like a puppy’s dilemma.”