Star’s Story Begins

Clare Island Lighthouse

“That morning, the sky rose beyond the sea in a luminous ultramarine palette reminding me of Vermeer’s Woman in Blue Reading a Letter. Treading the grassy path from the Clare Island Lighthouse bed and breakfast down to the harbor, I pictured my mother when she received a letter, many years ago from Clare Island.”

Of course, when I was researching my first Star O’Brien mystery, I was captivated by the beauty and potential remoteness of the island. I just knew that Star’s story had to start here at the lighthouse, poised majestically above the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Barrel of Books and Games

Browsing a local bookstore is one of my favorite “get away for some me time” activities, especially if there’s a coffee shop nearby. So, I was thrilled to discover an independent book store, Barrel of Books and Games, in Mount Dora, Florida.

Now, as an indie author, I have an opportunity to host a sidewalk book event in conjunction with the bookstore owner! How exciting! Lots of preparation to complete but I’m looking forward to speaking with people, who might stop by, about Star O’Brien and Ireland.

Life’s Little Ironies

Here I am finally pursuing my dream of writing a mystery series. And, just as it comes to fruition, my love and greatest cheerleader (Bill) cannot read the book.

Just over a year ago, when I began writing this story, we learned that Bill had lost the right peripheral vision in both eyes. Something called right homonymous hemianopsia. He’s no longer able to read print, among other things.

So, today, for my love and for others who might enjoy listening, I’m researching how to create an audible version of Star’s story.

I’ll keep you posted.

Introducing Star O’Brien

On February 1, Star O’Brien (a feisty, independent, and authentic character) made her way into the world! I hope you find her as lovable as I do.

If there’s one thing I’d like readers to take away from getting to know her, I hope it’s her mantra: “maybe it’s because of my own losses, maybe it’s because this is just who I am, but I have always been for the lost souls.”

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