Counting Down the Days

Tuesday. I’m filling in the blanks on an upload worksheet with all the relevant metadata the ebook and print platforms require.

I wanted to get this done on Monday, instead my day was devoted to my love, Bill. He had an appointment with an electrophysiologist in Ocala. The low tire pressure warning light was on during the entire ride there. Added more stress to the journey. But thankfully the doctor’s visit went well. And, a stop at a Kia dealer eliminated the warning light.

Friday is still on schedule for uploading and launching Death on Clare Island: A Star O’Brien Mystery. Still lots to do.

Natural Authenticity

In his Principles of Mathematics, Isaac Newton demonstrated that comets move throughout the universe along a conic orbit called a parabola. Parabolas occur naturally. They are elegant, symmetric, and represent energy. When I created the Turlough, Nolan Publishing imprint, I chose the image of the parabola as its emblem.

I hope that readers of the Star O’Brien books find a natural authenticity in her character. And, I hope that readers of my women’s leadership book find answers for their own quest in life.

Doing Business As: Turlough, Nolan Publishing

It’s done! I can sell my books on several ebook platforms.

On this journey as an indie author, I’m learning muchabout the business side of self-publishing. One important aspect is the author’spublisher. Most of the platforms prefer/require an author to have a doingbusiness as name which isn’t the author’sname. Luckily for me, I established my own publishing imprint several yearsago with my women’s leadership book, BringYour Spirit to Work: One Woman at a Time. However, now I’m living in adifferent state and I wondered if I needed to do anything more. Yes! I neededto register Turlough, Nolan Publishing with my state government and run a legalnotice in one of my county’s local newspapers.

Finding out about what to do in my state, led me to ameeting with a representative from the local Small Business Development Center.His questions, of course, had to do with my business plan for marketing andselling my books. I admit I have a writing and publication timeline and anexpense estimate (indie authorship requires resources including money). But I haven’tofficially written a business plan. So I’m working on it.

More to come in my next posts about what’s behind thename of my publishing imprint and its emblem (colophon).