Welcome to Killarney, Florida!

Killarney, Florida

If you haven’t been able to get to the Killarney along the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. You might try visiting Killarney, Florida. Yes! Florida has Killarney!

On a recent day trip to Winter Garden’s History Museum, I was surprised to see a series of orange crate labels depicting shamrocks and the word “Killarney”. Here are some of the pictures from the room where a myriad of orange crate art is on display.

So What’s the Story?

According to the museum’s docent, Zip Code 34740’s community was founded in the 1800s and named after Killarney, Ireland. Apparently the Irish folks who settled in the area were reminded of the home place in Killarney.

Killarney is unfortunately unincorporated and there is no exit from the Florida turnpike to Killarney. The post office opened in 1887, closed in 1902, reopened in 1926, and closed again in 2003. According to the docent, people used to drop their Christmas cards to the post office just for the postmark, that said “Killarney, Florida”.

In the spirit of the Killarney Luck image: “May the luck rise up to meet you! Whichever Killarney you happen to be in. Cheers!

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