Happy Saint Patrick’s Day – And the What Abouts?

This is the week! When everyone who has a hint or trace of Irish ancestry dons something green. But did you know Irish history indicates that there was more than one Saint Patrick. What? No, no, no.

I was shocked and disappointed when one of my Irish uncles told me there was probably more than one Saint Patrick. What did you say? Patrick existed but there were others in Ireland who also preached conversion to Christianity. But what about the snakes?

As someone who grew up holding my father’s hand at the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City, I was devastated. I’d bought the entire story including the one about St. Patrick chasing the snakes out of Ireland. But you know I’ve never seen a snake in Ireland so I’m holding fast to the fantasy.

And, what about the ancient pilgrim path that begins on Saint Patrick’s Causeway in County Mayo and ends at the summit of St. Patrick’s Mountain otherwise known as Croagh Patrick? That! That I can tell you is real because I walked the 26 mile Pilgrim Path one summer day. You can read my guest post about The Pilgrim Path and Croagh Patrick over on The Irish American Mom web site. Here’s the link to the post: https://www.irishamericanmom.com/the-pilgrim-path-or-tochar-phadraig/

And while you are there, take a look at the wonderful recipes that you can pursue as you set your table for St. Patrick’s Day.

What about it anyway. However you celebrate. Whomever you claim in your ancestry. I hope you find joy and peace in knowing or having faith in that little piece of Irish you claim on St. Patrick’s Day.

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