Crow and the Origami Butterfly

When the universe sends you a barista named Crow and a yellow butterfly. This is the story behind the beautiful yellow Origami butterfly pictured below. Yesterday, I was tired, sad, and on my way to visit my mom (who is in rehab due to a broken hip). It’s been a tough time for her.

Just before I got into my car, a friend suggested I go get a coffee, a sweet, and take some time to center myself. So, I stopped at a Starbucks in Leesburg, Florida. And ordered a tall Pike. What happened next seemed to be just what I needed.

Picture taken inside Leesburg Starbucks. There is a yellow Origami owl sitting on my handbag.
Yellow Origami Owl

While I waited, at the counter, for my order, one of the baristas walked up to me with the yellow butterfly in her hand. “Here,” she said, “it’s an Origami butterfly. I make them all the time.”

“Thank you, I really needed this today,” I replied. Then, I took my coffee and my butterfly over to a table where I propped the yellow paper art on my bag and took the picture. But that wasn’t the only kindness to occur.

While I was contemplating the butterfly, drinking my coffee, and steeling myself to visit my mom. The barista walked over to my table and said, “I’m on my way home, but if you like, I can teach you how to make an Origami butterfly.”

I explained that I had an appointment to keep and thanked her. That’s when I asked her name. “Crow,” she replied. And, with that she left.

Crow and the Origami butterfly provided a brief moment of wonder and joy. I finished my coffee, gently carried the butterfly to my car, and went to bring some joy to my mom.

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