Good Vibes

Good vibes are what I’m looking for in this beginning of spring. For instance, when I’m in Castlebar, County Mayo, I head to Café Rua for my morning good vibes. The café, on Spencer Street, is one of my favorite places to visit. You will find me there at about 10:00 a.m., savoring a large mug of filtered coffee and pouring cream. Hopefully, I’ll see you there some time soon.

Below is a wonderful picture I snapped of the Cafe’s front window a few years ago. The picture tells the story of an Irish spring season filled with the first daffodils, queen potatoes, mustard for the potatoes, and marmalade.

Shop window of Cafe Rua

Cafe Rua’s Recipes on their Blog

By the way, if you want some great recipes for Irish delicacies, check out the cafe’s web site. You will find recipes, like this one for marmalade:

Star O’Brien visits Café Rua

And, here’s a quote from the second book in the Star O’Brien County Mayo series from the scene where Paul invites Star to have supper at the café. One of my aspirational goals is to have a book reading at the café the next time I visit family in County Mayo.

Flower pots filled with fragile, white Angelicas adorned Café Rua’s windows. Inside on the ground floor, delicacies and pastries from homemade brown scones to wild Irish salmon kept the wait staff busy…”I’ve had the goat cheese salad with beet greens…” Paul said.

“I’ve never had beet greens. But I’m willing to try. Provided I can have some brown bread to go along with it,” I replied.

Paul laughed. “Oh, to be sure. There’s homemade bread here…”

Death at Ashford Castle: A Star O’Brien County Mayo Mystery

Spring Wishes for You

Wishing you good vibes, good food, and good company this spring season.

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