Star O’Brien County Mayo Mystery Returns

Star O’Brien’s County Mayo mystery series is back. This third Star O’Brien, cozy murder mystery finds the amateur sleuth in historic Turlough village. But, the body of a local pub owner has been found draped in an exhibit at the Turlough Museum. And Star’s Aunt Georgina is under the suspicion.

Book 3 in the Star O’Brien County Mayo Mystery Series

Never one to trust the police, Star is sure they have it wrong again. They’ve identified Georgina—the man’s former confidante—as the prime suspect. Then, when she disappears, they consider her a fugitive from justice. Star prefers working alone, but stymied and challenged at every turn, she may have to reluctantly accept assistance from Lorcan McHale and Lady Marcella McHale. And, to complicate matters, the elusive Evelyn Cosgrove makes a mysterious request for Star to meet her at a remote location on a specific day, at a specific time. Is Evelyn toying with Star? Or, does Evelyn have real information about Star’s missing mother? In a race to find the truth, can Star find justice for Georgina? Can Star pinpoint the real murderer?

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