Keem Bay Beach Ranked as Number One

Keem Bay, Achill Island just ranked as number one in the world. Just in time, because a heat wave hit Ireland recently with 30 degree centigrade temperatures. That’ s about 90 for us folks who use Fahrenheit. Wow! That is hot.

Picture of the Atlantic Ocean and Cliffs on Achill Island
Attribution: (Callum Black / Cliffs near Achill Head)

I’ve been in Ireland several times when the temperatures heated up. And, without air conditioning in the cottage or the car, it can get downright sticky. But luckily, County Mayo has some of the most beautiful beaches in world. You will find one of several of those beaches on Achill Island. The beach which ranked as number one rests against Keem Bay!

Keem Bay is one of those magical places! To get there, you cross the bridge onto Achill Island. And then you move along “Atlantic Drive”. Whatever you do, keep your eyes on the road. The ocean swirls against the rocky, sharp-edged coast below! You will pass by Ashleam Bay, Dooeega, the Meenaun Cliffs, Keel, Doagh, and then finally at the end of a narrow, corkscrew road, you come to the end of the line: Keem Bay.

Picture of Keem Bay beach on Achill Island.
Keem Bay, Achill Island (Photo author: Sergio on Wikimedia Creative Commons Usage 2.0)

I’ve been to Keem Bay many times. It’s beauty is planted in my brain. I’ve even dreamed of swimming there with the dolphins.

What about you? Where do you go to in your mind when you need to escape the heat?

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