What is it about Ireland?

What is it about Ireland that you love? The landscape, the history, the thin places, the Atlantic views? These are all things to love about Ireland..

but what I love most are the people.

I fell in love when I was four years old with my County Mayo aunts and uncles. I often think about what keeps bringing me back. What is it that I cannot wait to get back to? My heart and yes, I will admit, my soul, yearns for Ireland and the people I miss seeing.

These people are friends from my boarding school days in St. Joseph’s Convent of Mercy in Castlebar and my first cousins. We may be 3,000 miles apart but they have always been there for me. For the good and the bad. Through my Dad’s Alzheimer disease and death, my breast cancer, my Mom’s dementia, and Bill’s vision loss. They have always been there for the good as well; rallying around. That’s what I love about Ireland: the people, the joy, the positive outlook, the willingness to get together for a hooley, a cup of tea, or a walk. So, as the pandemic nears an end, I cannot wait to get to the other side of the pond sometime this year.

What about you? Where are you yearning to go in the next few months?

I love the chance to respond to comments!

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