Daffodils Again, Please

My kind neighbor arrived at my home a few days ago with a daffodil plant. All in an effort to make me smile. Here’s a picture of the cheery and elegant gift.

A cheerful reminder in my kitchen

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of daffodils (taken a few years ago) in Cafe Rua’s window.

The daffodils are my way of thinking about spring, light, new birth, lengthening days. Whenever I’ve been fortunate enough to be in County Mayo, in February or March, the sight of daffodils pushing up everywhere put a lilt into my step and hope into my heart.

The feelings of hope are important to me right now. And, I imagine to many of us. For me, I’ve been most saddened to have to place my mom into a memory care home. I’m trying to face this with grace, courage, and strength. Thus, my neighbor’s act of kindness in giving me the daffodil plant.

So, on this first day of February, I wish you lots of daffodil moments in the coming months.

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