Sneachta in Ireland

Sneachta is forecast in parts of Ireland today. No, I’m not talking about snacking or being snarky. Sneachta is the Irish word for snow. Snow rarely happens in Ireland’s fairly moderate climate. So, when it does snow, sneachta gets thrown around a lot. Because why not? If you live in a country where it rarely happens, you’ve got to make the most of the word when you can. Here’s a picture from a few years ago. We were in County Mayo in French Hill cottage. We woke up to sneachta!

December 2017 The View from the kitchen doorway

Later in the day when the temperature warms up and it’s safer to tackle the snow or ice covered roads, a brisk walk along Barney Road is most enjoyable. Just don’t forget to wear your wellies.

Barney Road with dusting of snow in French Hill

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