Looking for Daffodils

It’s been a heartbreaking week so I thought I’d post something cheerful. Something positive. So, I went looking for daffodils. I chose this picture from three years ago. The photo is of Cafe Rua’s front window on Spencer Street in Castlebar, County Mayo.

Shop window of Cafe Rua
Cafe Rua’s Shop Window

Cafe Rua is one of my most favorite places to go to every morning when I’m in Ireland. The Americano coffee (with pouring cream) is excellent. The first floor of the cafe is a specialty store filled with all kinds of goodies from wine to cheese. And don’t forget the baked scones and brown bread. Upstairs is a cheerful restaurant where raspberry jam and brown bread accompany eggs and rashers.

Upstairs at Cafe Rua

Here in the United States, we have a ways to go until spring. But I hope that like the phrases displayed in the shop window, we soon begin to experience “Good Vibes” and know that “Anois teacht an Earraigh” (spring is coming). So, here’s to daffodils and new beginnings whether they come in Febuary or March. In the meanwhile, keep the love going. Yours truly, Martha.

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