New Bridges in 2021

This picture, from a few years ago, popped up in my iPhone memories scroll. I think it pretty adequately depicts how I feel about 2020 and the hope for new bridges, new ways of moving forward in 2021.

Pocantico River, New York

Here’s to being able to hug each other again, go browsing through a shopping mall, enjoy a dinner in a restaurant with friends and family, and travel to County Mayo, Ireland. But most of all, I want to leave the fear behind.

The sights along Barney Road, French Hill, County Mayo

I recently stated to a friend that I am so looking forward to this pandemic being over. My friend replied, “That’s okay, provided you are working your bunnies off to prepare for the future.” Sounds like good advice and something to think about as I plan for a better and healthier year ahead. What about you? What are you planning and hoping for? What will you do differently?

I love the chance to respond to comments!

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