Support Independent Bookstores

Indie authors (like me) and independent bookstores have at least one thing in common: we need community and local support. The independent bookstores need our support now, in the time of pandemic, more than ever.

picture of notebook, writer's magazine belonging to indie author, Martha Geaney
Indie author, Martha Geaney, taking a writing stint in Mount Dora, Florida

Recently two online retailers have popped up in support of both indie authors and independent books stores. In the US, the retailer is and in the UK, the retailer is

These retailers offer paperback formats of indie author books. At Bookshop, for example, when you order a book you can tag your local bookstore and they will receive the full profit off your purchase. Otherwise, your order will contribute to an earnings pool that will be evenly distributed among independent bookstores (even those that don’t use Bookshop).

Castle Bookshop Front Window and Entrance
Castle Bookshop, Castle Street, Castlebar

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