Up Turlough!

Excited to report that my Schipperke, Turlough, won two agility ribbons today – he qualified and took First Place in the Novice Standard class. When I’m not writing or taking care of family, Turlough and I have been training one day a week for the last two years.

Turlough’s Ribbons for Qualifying and First Place

Turlough, by the way, is named for the village in County Mayo where my mom was born. Turlough is also an Irish male name which means to be “assistive and comforting”. He is a joy to have in our life! So, here’s a toast to “Up Turlough” and everything it means in our life: mom, our relatives in Turlough, our history in Turlough and to County Mayo.

By the way, the Turlough Museum and the surrounding area play a prominent part in the third book in the Star O’Brien series (coming in spring 2021.)

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