Plotting a Poisoning

What finally drives someone to murder? Passion, anger, jealousy? What kind of person uses poison to commit the deed? Of course, someone who likes to plan! Someone who knows their way around the kitchen maybe? Or the garden? Or an antique shop? Or garage sale?

A is for Arsenic

According to Lucy Zahray, aka The Poison Lady, any number of sinister plants, herbs, and elements can be used to “cut the threads of life”. Looking for arsenic? Go to an antique shop or garage sale and buy fly paper. Yeah, grandma had arsenic hanging around the kitchen in the form of fly paper.

Arsenic Fly Paper

Or, how about that mixed green salad that hubby insisted he make for you this evening? Are you sure, he hasn’t mixed in some datura seeds masquerading as red pepper flakes?

How about some red pepper flakes?

Have you guessed? I’m working some poison into my latest Star O’Brien County Mayo Mystery Series? Still deciding how and whom but I’m a planner so who knows how I’ll sneak the pinch of toxin into the mix. You’ll have to read the book!

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