Autumn Days in Ireland

And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.

Oscar Wilde

September 1 marks the beginning of autumn in Ireland. It’s a time when the weather can be beautiful. Cooler but not too cool. Or blustery towards the evening. All good as far as I’m concerned whether it’s a walk along Barney Road in French Hill or a hike along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Sheep grazing in a field.
Field along Barney Road, French Hill

Just one year ago this week, Bill and I were in County Mayo, Ireland. It was a wonderful ten days. A time when I got to see cousins and friends at my book signing.

Of course, there was the daily trip to Cafe Rua on Spencer Street for coffee and a sweet for my sweet, Bill.

Bill at Cafe Rua

One year later, the world has changed. For many, the changes are drastic, tragic, and on some days incomprehensible. But for now, I am grateful for my life, my family, and the blessings we have. I hope all who follow and read my blog can find a moment of peace.

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