Chasing a Dream

Practice makes perfect…maybe

Have you ever tried to do something new or different? One of my dreams is to win an agility ribbon with Turlough, my Schipperke puppy. Boy, have we practiced. Once a week, we are on the practice agility field. Turlough runs, jumps, weaves, goes through tunnels! He is a beautiful sight to behold.

Where’s my puppy?

But then, we go to an actual trial and Turlough becomes a different puppy. Think of a ping pong ball, bouncing off the walls. We were at a trial yesterday and my little ping pong ball of black fur got a lot of complements for his speed. If only, I could harness it. So, we will continue to practice and to bond with each other. We may never win a ribbon but I will always cherish the time we spend together chasing the dream!

Sleepy puppy today

Today, Turlough is resting and enjoying doing nothing. I’m still dreaming of chasing the dream. I think he’s dreaming of running wild through an agility field as his human mom follows behind.

I hope you are all well and dreaming of something big to chase after we get through this pandemic. In the meanwhile, keep the love going. Martha

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