Star O’Brien Strong Female Sleuth

Star is Feisty and Independent

Star O’Brien is a strong female sleuth. When I set out to write the Star O’Brien mystery series, I had some ideas in my head about what kind of person Star would be. The words “feisty”, “independent”, “inquisitive”, “relentless” came to mind. She’s had some losses in her life which have forged her being with these character traits. She doesn’t take no for an answer nor does she need anyone to tell her what to do or say. She takes the lead in her amateur investigations despite the dangers she faces.

Is there ever a good time to find the lost, the dead, and the missing? This is my mantra–maybe it’s because of my own losses, maybe it’s because this is just who I am, but I have always been for the lost souls.”

Star O’Brien in Death on Clare Island

Star is Funny (sometimes)

I wanted her to have a sense of humor. That’s why I opted for O’Brien as her surname. (You can read about how Achill Island inspired me to choose Star’s first name in an earlier blog post).

No, it stands for ‘Star O’Brien’. But I’ll admit I like the play on words.”

Star O’Brien in response to a character’s question about Star’s monogrammed initials (S-O-B) on a key chain.

Star is Flawed

Star is feisty and relentless when she faces the world around her. But underneath there is a vulnerability that keeps her from putting her emotions into relationships. She’s had too many losses in her life. She’s not about to allow a male character to swoop in and rescue her. No way! Inside she may be hurting but when she faces the world, she is S-O-B.

Female Sleuths Who Have Influenced Me

I love any mystery novel written by a female about a female sleuth. My all time favorites are Sue Grafton’s ‘Kinsey Milhone’ and Dorothy Sayer’s ‘Harriet Vane’. Recently I’ve fallen in love with Lisa Gardner’s ‘Flora Dane’.

Who are Your Favorites?

Let me know who some of your favorite strong female sleuths are?

In the meanwhile, keep the luv going.


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