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If a book is well-written, I always find it too short.

Jane Austen

I had the opportunity yesterday to take a brief respite in Mount Dora, Florida, site of this weekend’s Jane Austen festival. I have been in love with Austen’s novels since my undergraduate and graduate days earning my English degrees. The quote above is a favorite from “Sense and Sensibility”. Fans of Jane Austen were walking around Mount Dora wearing period dress. Here’s a picture of some ladies, resting under an oak tree.

Jane Austen Fest in Mount Dora, Florida. I daresay these ladies arrived in quite a modern conveyance as evidenced by the horsepower in the background.

As for me, unlike what Austen and other female writers went through to become a published author, I enjoy the pleasure of being an indie author. For a brief hour or two, I basked in the sunshine, did a little reading and writing, and enjoyed a cup of coffee at one of my favorite hang outs in Mount Dora: Allyson A Bake Shop.

A brief respite in Mount Dora.

Do you have a favorite Jane Austen novel?

Til next time, keep the love going.


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