A Little Failure mixed with a Big Success

I didn’t post last weekend and this post is not directly related to my writing life but here goes. I hope you like the short video of what I was doing on Saturday. Most of you know that I have a schipperke puppy named Turlough. For the last year, Turlough and I have been learning agility. I’ve dreamed for a long time about running around the agility arena with this amazingly fast puppy. Finally, last weekend we participated in our first official trial. What a disaster for me and what fun for Turlough. The first day when I walked out onto the trial area I was struck by stage fright. Turlough and I didn’t last long out there. This video is from the second day…I did a little bit better and Turlough took some of the jumps and weave poles before just having fun.

The analogy I want to make here between being an indie writer and trying to qualify in an agility trial is this: life is full of obstacles. Some of the obstacles are a jump, others are a tunnel or weave poles. The main lesson for me is to keep going. The likes, shares, and reviews I get from readers are my big successes and mean so much to me as a writer. I don’t always have the amount of time I want at my writing desk. I often have self-doubts about my ability. These are my obstacles, my little failures, that with practice and commitment I intend to overcome.

In the meanwhile, keep the love going. Martha

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