I’ve got homework; maybe you can help.

I am taking an eight week online writing course: Outlining Your Novel. The course began this week. I’m already an outliner. I use a dedicated spiral bound notebook to outline each book before I begin writing. I write out the purpose/theme; character descriptions and motivations; setting descriptions; and so on.

I want to be a better writer and thus I want to try out different outlining methods. One of the course outcomes is an outline of a novel. I plan to work on the third book in the Star O’Brien series. I’m excited about being able to move from the outline right into writing the book.

So this all brings me to my first homework assignment: write a review of my book as if I’m a reader of the series. This is a difficult one but I’m working on it today. Here’s where those of you who have read Death on Clare Island might be able to help. If you have time, maybe you would post a word, a phrase, or a sentence saying what you liked.

Thank you.

In the meanwhile, keep the love going, Martha

I love the chance to respond to comments!

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