Book Fright!

I have to admit that I’m suffering from “book fright”. The second book in my series is drafted, it’s been edited once by an author colleague, and I’ve made substantial changes. The cover designer is working on the cover. But for some reason, I’m worried about sending the revised draft to my author colleague and another editor for the next set of revisions and review.

All kinds of questions and self-doubt are lurking around every corner. Is the character strong enough? Is there enough mystery? Is it easy to solve the crime? How much should Star’s character grow in this second book…after all it is a series and there’s more to come. Does Star face enough challenges in her life? Everything cannot be easy!

Everything cannot be easy! Not for Star and not for me. I guess that’s my answer. I’m growing my expertise and credibility in the craft: being a published indie author of mystery novels. It won’t be easy; I knew that from the beginning. I’ve been taking classes, joined Sisters in Crime, participate in an author’s group. I struggle to find the time to write for long periods each day (I’m a caregiver).

But it is all so worth it because of the family and friends who are supportive. Because of the readers who love Star and want more. Over time, Star will build more readers and I will get over this book fright. The book will be launched and Star’s journey will continue in book three.

In the meanwhile, keep the love going.


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