Wow! Midwest Radio in Ireland Live Interview

I want to sincerely thank Tommy Marren, host of the Tommy Marren Show on Midwest Radio for hosting me on his show yesterday morning. Also, a huge thank you to Ciara Mannioin, also at Midwest, who coordinated the entire event. If you’d like to listen to the interview, here’s a link to the audio file.

I’m looking forward to listening to Midwest when I get to Ireland next week. In fact, as soon as I can I usually tune the car radio to Midwest to keep me company on the drive from Shannon to Castlebar. I’ve mentioned in other posts that there’s no television in the cottage. I always look forward to listening to Midwest in the morning and then again in the evenings. The opportunity to get away from the wall to wall television here in the US is a restful component of my vacation.

Thanks again to Midwest Radio for your hospitality and demonstrating once again Ireland’s and especially County Mayo’s warmth and welcoming spirit.

Keep the love going, Martha

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