We Are Back

Bill, Turlough, and I returned from our eleven-day trek to New Jersey last week. It’s been about a year and a half since we sold our home in NJ and moved to Florida. I was hesitant to take the trip because we were bringing our fifteen-month puppy Turlough with us. And, as I’ve posted about before, Bill is no longer able to drive. Most of all, I didn’t think I’d be able to handle my emotions; I miss NJ so much. But in the end, I rented a mini-van, we packed up, and set out.

And, I’m glad we did. The first stop on the trip was a few days stay with my Mom in South Jersey. From there, we drove north to our old neighborhood and visited with friends. I got to sit in on the Mahwah writing collective group meeting and visit my former town library. We even stopped at our former vet’s office to show off our Schipperke.

We spent a wonderful day in Blairstown, NJ. We had lunch at the Blairstown Airport Runway Café. Bill and I used to fly our Cessna 172 there for years. We met up with Christine Beegle and Wickliffe Kishpaugh Mott. These two folks lead the Blairstown NJ Historic Preservation Committee. They helped us transition many of Bill’s family artifacts to Blairstown when we moved.

From there we went to Kutztown Pennsylvania. I had coffee and a happy visit with three people that I cherish: Leslie, Stacey, and Danielle.

Then it was on to the Colonial Schipperke Club picnic in Arlington, Virginia. There might have been thirty Schipperkes there. Turlough had a great time. How do I know? Like any kid who overindulged a party, he threw up his carrot in the car later that day.

Finally, it was back home here to Florida. I’m grateful to be home and that we were fortunate enough to take this trip.

Now, it’s back to work making edits to Death at Ashford Castle.

I love the chance to respond to comments!

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