Virtual Book Tour (VBT)– Day 5

Week two of the VBT for Death on Clare Island kicked off this morning. Sheila’s Guests and Reviews ( features one of my blog posts. I love that Sheila posted a picture of my puppy, (about fourteen months old now), named Turlough. Turlough is an Irish name (usually chosen for boys) that means “to be supportive”. I have a noble intention for Turlough—to be a therapy dog at several of our local nursing homes. He’s currently training to meet the requirements for the therapy dog designation.

Turlough is also a place in County Mayo, Ireland. Many of my ancestors originated in Turlough village. In fact, my mother was born there. The village is an adorable and historic setting, not far from Castlebar and just off the N5 on the road to Dublin. Book 3 in my Star O’Brien series will feature Turlough village.

For now, I hope you enjoy my book tour. Follow along here at my web site or on Facebook: @marthageaneyauthor. And thank you Sheila!

I love the chance to respond to comments!

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