Doing Business As: Turlough, Nolan Publishing

It’s done! I can sell my books on several ebook platforms.

On this journey as an indie author, I’m learning muchabout the business side of self-publishing. One important aspect is the author’spublisher. Most of the platforms prefer/require an author to have a doingbusiness as name which isn’t the author’sname. Luckily for me, I established my own publishing imprint several yearsago with my women’s leadership book, BringYour Spirit to Work: One Woman at a Time. However, now I’m living in adifferent state and I wondered if I needed to do anything more. Yes! I neededto register Turlough, Nolan Publishing with my state government and run a legalnotice in one of my county’s local newspapers.

Finding out about what to do in my state, led me to ameeting with a representative from the local Small Business Development Center.His questions, of course, had to do with my business plan for marketing andselling my books. I admit I have a writing and publication timeline and anexpense estimate (indie authorship requires resources including money). But I haven’tofficially written a business plan. So I’m working on it.

More to come in my next posts about what’s behind thename of my publishing imprint and its emblem (colophon).

I love the chance to respond to comments!

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