Setbacks Happen

My Death on Clare Island mystery novel did not launch on Monday. I guess it’s all about clear communication. That’s why we write, isn’t it? To share and communicate an idea, a feeling, a viewpoint.

The reason I didn’t launch yet has to do with the purchase of a block of ISBNs from Bowker. Unfortunately, Bowker had a data breach of their shopping cart portal. They are dealing with the issue, but in the meanwhile purchases must be requested via a form. The form, when it reaches Bowker, is processed manually. So…for three weeks, I’ve been checking and calling Bowker about why I hadn’t received my purchase. Finally, yesterday, I discovered that I had made a request that did not have an official checkbox for that purchase on the form. Therefore, it wasn’t processed. I resent a newly completed form this morning.

This experience underlines how difficult it can be to communicate what we really mean. It was only when someone in customer service reviewed the application the second time, I sent it that we discovered my error. Thank goodness for the customer service rep. And person to person communication.

I also learned that it is best to buy a block of ISBNs so an author has some sitting on the shelf, ready for use when needed.

Setbacks happen but when seen in the rear-view mirror, it will seem like a minor detail. I’m disappointed but the book will launch. As soon as I have the ISBN and a better idea of the launch date, I will let you know.

In the meanwhile, I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

I love the chance to respond to comments!

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