The Date is Set

The book publishing action item list is unfolding. I’m tremendously grateful to Wil, my editor, for all the nitty, gritty, detail-oriented work he’s doing. Have you ever heard of organic tagging in Microsoft Word? Well, neither have I.

There’s still purchasing ISBNs and the final, final review of the formal document to get done. And I’ll complete a preview read of the book when it’s uploaded to Kindle format.

Have I mentioned how much coffee I’m drinking lately? Our puppy, Turlough, wants to know when I’m taking a break. He’s been providing distractions like chewing on one of my throw pillows or eating the corner of one of my hard cover books.

That all said, Death on Clare Island is set to launch on Monday, November 19. I can’t wait to hear from readers about what they think of Star O’Brien.

4 thoughts on “The Date is Set

  1. It’ll all be worth it … the torn up pillows, the coffee binges … once you’re holding Your Baby in your hands, knowing that you went about things the RIGHT way and you put out the best possible product you could have. I’ll hold off on popping the bubbly for you, but it’ll be here before you know it. Kudos, Martha.


      1. Sorry. I guess I should visit more often.
        There was a sparse crowd, which seems to be happening more and more often, which does not help my self esteem. The feedback, however, was very good which propels me to keep at it with the series as a whole.
        I’m looking forward to seeing your book available. When fiscally possible (it was a rough, financially taxing summer), I will make my order for it. Count on it.

      2. Hi Tom, wasn’t there some wintry weather in New Jersey last week? Perhaps there were fewer attendees due to that. Or, everyone is preparing for Thanksgiving holiday. Don’t give up! The Mahwah writing collective is a wonderful group of individuals, dedicated to helping each other be better writers. I really miss the group and everyone’s feedback. I’ll be posing an update regarding the release of Death on Clare Island. The nitty, gritty details such as ISBN and bar code are a challenge right now.

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