Martha’s First Post

Welcome to my first blog post. My name is Martha Geaney and I’m an indie writer. Or hope to be with the soon to be published first book in my mystery series. I’m starting this site to share my writing journey, information about my books, and life in general. I hope you will visit often to share your feedback, ask questions about the characters in my books, and my writing process.

I live in Florida with my partner, Bill, and our four month old puppy, Turlough. Turlough is an Irish name meaning “to be supportive, or act in an assisting way”. We hope that he will grow to be a therapy dog, but in the meanwhile he’s being a Schipperke puppy. For example, at this moment he’s hiding under the hassock in my family room. Bill is listening to The Forgotten 500 on Audible. And, I’m trying to write this post! What better way to spend a hot, humid Sunday afternoon.

Happy, happy Sunday.

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