Star O’Brien Mystery Series

A Fiercely Independent Female Sleuth, a Cozy Cottage, and a Suspicion of Authority = Murder and Mystery in County Mayo, Ireland

If you like to:

  • follow a compelling series character
  • solve a standalone mystery in each book of the series
  • read serious mysteries
  • approach the mystery through character analysis and identification of red herrings

Then you will love the Star O’Brien series!

If you liked the first book, don’t hesitate to pick this up. It’s simply more Star to love. Another bonus: Ashford Castle stands alone as its own story, you don’t have to read Death on Clare Island to get into and understand it. Enough info is given to get new readers on board without bogging down old fans and the plot of the first book isn’t ruined (another sign of excellent writing).

More, please!

death AT ASHFORD CASTLE – amazon reviewer