Star O’Brien Mystery Series

A Fiercely Independent Female Sleuth, a Cozy Cottage, and a Suspicion of Authority = Murder and Mystery in County Mayo, Ireland

You will love Star O’Brien. She’s a feisty, independent amateur sleuth who fights for the dead, the missing, and the lost. Follow Star’s journey as she unravels the mysteries of her own life.

A little bit of me. I hope you enjoy exploring my pages. These first three pics are from one of my trips to Clare Island.

Grace O’Malley, the pirate queen, is reported to have had several castles throughout Ireland’s west coast. The one pictured above sits near the harbor on Clare Island. Stories abound that when her father refused to take her on a trading expedition to Spain because of her long hair. (It would be a safety issue). She shaved it all off!

My puppy, Turlough, is named for a village in Mayo. Turlough is a boy’s name that roughly translated means “to be supportive”. We are training Turlough to be a therapy dog. Turlough is also the name of an Irish village in County Mayo. My mother was born there as were many of our ancestor’s the Nolan’s.

The pic of the sheep is interesting. One morning I was walking along Barney Road in French Hill. The sun was just coming up…it was December. And there were the three sheep. I snapped the picture. They were on a farm that is a supplier to Connacht Gold. The green and gold arc of light created by the sun was fitting. (Connacht Gold’s brand colors)